Ghost Channels Drops Latest House EP – "Whirlwind"

Minneapolis producer, Ghost Channels, has recently dropped his latest EP titled “Whirlwind”.  Less than a year after his last EP, the Nu Disco-focused project “Le Sigh”, Ghost Channels returns to his House roots with “Whirlwind”. The five track EP has Deep House roots overall, yet each track has its own House sub-genre touch. For example, the title track “Whirlwind” features the heavy percussion style Baleric House. “Team” is a classic Bass House tune with a catchy vocal. “Eyes Off You” soothes you with its Chill House vibe. These tracks along with “Burn Within” and “Tape Machine” make for a great journey around the world House!

Ghost Channels – “Whirlwind” EP is available now as a free download!

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