Ghost production emerges amid COVID-19 impact in the electronic dance scene

With COVID-19 impacting the electronic dance industry in more ways than one, artists have been looking at different ways in order to make an honest living. The cancellation of shows through the global pandemic has led to more and more producers looking for an alternative income source, with ghost production being a prime example.

A controversial subject, to say the least, ghost production has been part of the industry for quite some time now, with producers looking for an easy way to make funds and at the same time still do what they love from the comfort of their homes. In a nutshell, a ghost producer agrees to create a track for another artist for a specified fee, and in turn remains completely anonymous on the matter, with no credibility or royalties received for the track that they have produced.

As more and more producers have begun to explore the world of ghost production, further insights have proven that the impact of the global pandemic has led to a rapid expansion of this alternative form of producing, with this phenomenon no longer related only to the electronic dance scene. An array of genres and formats have emerged over the years, with the likes of Advertising Agencies, YouTuber’s, Game Developers, and Movie Production Companies looking to purchase music for their specific projects without having to deal with licensing contracts, royalties funding, and the split of their profits.

Providing a further understanding on the matter, My Ghost Market has confirmed that since the beginning of the pandemic, a rapid increase has been recorded in relation to the number of users contributing music for purchase, as well as artists looking to buy such tracks. Acting as the owner of the largest platform of ghost productions services, Edmwarriors, it is now more than ever more clear of how ghost production is a part of our community and not only, and in turn ghost production platforms will continue to increase in the years to come.

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