Girls Love DJ's Exclusive Guest Mix & Interview | EDM Sauce Presents The Recipe Vol: 035

Girls Love DJs is a name that’s hot on the lips those who know in the dance scene right now. While he recently signed at Dutch powerhouse Spinnin’ Records and released his debut single, Dynamite, to great fanfare, he is by no means new to the game. We got the chance to speak with Girls Love DJs E-mail as well as receive an exclusive guest mix for us to share, check em both out below!



What got you into Dance Music, specifically producing and DJ'ing?
I don’t think that it was a matter one element, but more like a combination music and parties and the feeling I get by both them.

What's the story around the name?
Girls Love DJs is actually a show that leads a legacy. Named after the much lauded parties and hostings at clubs and festival all over the world. As the person who became Girls Love DJs, I showcase the same musical output and vibe as that the parties, which started more than a decade ago.

If you had to pick 2 your tracks to introduce your sound to someone whose never heard you, what tracks would you choose?
‘Dynamite' and ‘Easy' because both tracks perfectly defines my diversity in music. I think you can say that my music can give you positive, feel-good vibes but as well has an eclectic mix sounds. And if I can pick a third one then I would definitely go for ‘Gone’, my latest release with REASN, which is a seriously sophisticated pop single. I’m very proud this track.

Thanks for the mix! What goes into making a mix like this, and what are some songs in this mix that stand out to you?
You’re welcome! I always start by making a selection my tracks… this takes a while. After this process, I see which tracks fits best together and then I basically mix them together. Of course my latest single called ‘Gone’ had to be in there and as the icing on the cake is my upcoming release with Dirtcaps, these two are my favorites for sure.

What are some things you like to do in spare time when not making music?
I love to spend time in the kitchen, and surround myself with my friends and family. My life can be very hysterical sometimes, so I really love to escape from it. I think spending time with people you love and support is the most important thing, it keeps me grounded.

What does the rest the winter have in store for you?
The beginning the year is always a moment peace for me, especially before I continue to dive into the studio and have to make everything ready for the upcoming festival season. Also, during the holidays I love to spend time with my family.

Since our mix is called “the recipe”, here's some food-ish

Favorite home-cooked meal?
Chicken schnitzel with lemon risotto will always be my favorite ever. But I have to be honest, I really love eating outside or order food.. But at the end the day nothing beats a home cooked meal!

Favorite Junk Food?
Nearly everything from the fryer, haha. Fries and snacks are just delicious. I guess my new years resolution has to be: spending more time in the kitchen and eating healthy ?



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