GLC Says Kanye West Needs Rehab, Not Ridicule

Out all the rappers, talk show hosts, and activists that have critiqued Kanye West's recent comments about slavery being "a choice," none them have probably known or worked with Kanye as long as GLC. The Chicago MC was featured on Kanye's first two albums, first on College Dropout's "Spaceship," and then again on Late Registration's "Drive Slow." He was briefly in a rap group with Kanye and rapper Really Doe called, The Go Getters, and he was even signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. music label from 2004 to 2010. 

Last night, GLC was shocked and disappointed, as many us were, to see Kanye act the way he did at the TMZ fice. He took to Instagram to make his thoughts about the whole affair known. 

"We learned at an early age, reasoning with an addict is impossible when they are f the sauce," said GLC in the Instagram caption. "I saw the interview with @cthagod when #Kanye said his boys would get his pills for him. This shows he don’t know what friends are. We wouldn’t feed your addiction, we would violate u for violating law plus self & get u help."

He also chastised Kanye for his slavery comments, asking him if slavery was a choice why there were so many slave revolts in America. GLC then goes on to call for for someone to give Kanye the help he thinks he needs. "Somebody get this man in a rehab," said GLC. "He needs help not ridicule."

He finishes the post with a heartbreaking apology to Kanye's mother, saying, "Sorry Donda, I promise we tried our best. This shit hurts! ??"

You can see the whole post below.

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