Gloria Govan Says That Ex Matt Barnes Is Not Invited To Her and Derek Fisher's Wedding

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher have little, if any, love for each other. The two former NBA stars played together on the Los Angeles Lakers, and struck up a friendship at the time. That friendship took a turn for the worse when Fisher began a relationship with Barnes' estranged lover, Gloria Govan. Kanye West famously rapped on "30 Hours," "I'm about to drive 90 miles like Matt Barnes just to whoop a nigga ass." That wasn't just a funny line, Barnes allegedly drove all that way just to give Fisher some hands. 

Govan and Fisher grew from the scandal to genuinely fall in love, and the couple announced their engagement last month. Barnes acted maturely when he heard the news, and wrote an honest social media post in response. "I have two beautiful boys from my ex we are both focussing on co-parenting & providing the best atmosphere & childhood for them," he stated. "They love him, so I love it.. Despite not seeing eye to eye initially w Derek he & i are on the same page & communicate weekly about isaiah & carter.. With that being said congrats on the engagement!" Apparently, the kinds words did nothing to convince Govan that he should be invited to the wedding. 

TMZ caught up with Govan and asked her if her former lover would be attending the wedding. After scfing at the question, she responds, "That's funny guys. Absolutely not." When asked about Barnes' words encouragement, she responded, "Matt] and Derek aren't cool... they're cordial. I wouldn't say 'beef' but they don't talk every week."

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