Go behind the scenes of 'Uncut Gems' soundtrack with Daniel Lopatin and Moog

Behind the Soundtrack: 'Uncut Gems' with Daniel Lopatin is a collaborative production between Lopatin and Moog Music to showcase how the eclectic composer used synthesizers to create the dynamic score.

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Uncut Gems, the most recent crime thriller from The Safdie Brothers, follows Howard Ratner (played by Adam Sandler), a New York City jeweler, whose risky gambling decisions challenge his life.

To accompany this dramatic film, forward-thinking composer David Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, provided a synthesizer-heavy soundtrack bringing audiences back through 70s psychedelic analog soundscapes. In the documentary, the Brooklyn-based musician explores the variety of configurations that the Moog One synthesizer offered him.

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Describing his approach to the composition, Lopatin states, “It needs to be majestic. It needs to be rich. It needs to be new. It needs to feel like it can’t be transient. It can’t be small. So I was always really, really trying to find through that alchemical process what textures would emerge…You’re just praying for those moments. And when they happen, you just hold onto them for dear life.”

You can check out the full documentary below.

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