Goldie ordered to pay a hefty fine for assaulting security guard at Glastonbury

English musician, actor and visual artist Goldie has been ordered to pay fines nearly £2,500 for assaulting a security guard at Glastonbury Festival, according to .

Goldie, real name Clifford Joseph Price, had previously while in Thailand, despite having initially entered the plea “not guilty” when slapped with the charges.

According to reports, Goldie assaulted a security guard at Glastonbury after the guard refused to let Goldie's daughter backstage.

For his actions, the drum 'n' bass innovator and Metalheadz co-founder was fined £1,080 at Bristol Magistrates' Court and was also ordered to pay compensation £500 and costs £883.

District Judge David Taylor gave the sentence and told Price that his actions displayed a clear sense arrogance: "Your entirely unjustified actions demonstrate an arrogant sense entitlement based on your own self importance. The physical injuries sustained by Mr Poole at your hands were relatively minor but the assault has had an emotional and psychological impact on him."

After the sentencing, Goldie spoke outside the court house and said he was "apologising as a man would do".

Goldie elaborated on his feelings toward to the sentencing and the incident at Glastonbury: "I took a bullet for my daughter, I'm happy. Hopefully he can move on and understand if you're doing your job do it right."

On whether he regretted his actions, Goldie admitted he was remorseful: "Me? Always sorry. Always be sorry for what you do."

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