Google Home vs Amazon Echo vs Apple HomePod: Best Smart Speaker

Are you in the market for a home speaker, virtual assistant, or just a smart speaker? With so many choices such as the Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the Apple HomePod, the choices a quite daunting for the average consumer. While speakers were originally meant to just play your music, smart speakers has transformed the industry to do much more.

While Apple's HomePod's are one the best sounding speakers the group, we'll get into what makes each home speaker so great and what are some the cons.

Here we'll be talking about the Google Home vs. Amazon Echo vs. Apple HomePod in this article.

Amazon Echo

Back on November 6, 2014, Amazon released the flagship product, the Amazon Echo. With the help its Alexa speech app, Amazon transformed the future with a personal assistant along with a speaker for the home.

What Is Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a brand smart speaker developed by The device connects to its intelligent personal assistant service Alexa which ten responds to the name “Alexa.” Amazon's Echo is capable music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, audiobooks, and voice interaction.

Google Home

The Google Home is a brand smart speakers developed by Google. While the first device was released in November 2016, Google was a bit slow to Amazon's initial release, but has since become a true contender as one the best smart speakers on the market today.

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is the latest edition to the smart speakers. Released on February 9, 2018, Apple is quickly pushing out the HomePod with the help its beautiful design, which also integrates its personal assistant service, Siri.

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo vs. Apple HomePod

In terms intelligence, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are both among the top its class. The Apple HomePod has been able to answer half the commands as its competitors, the Echo and Home.

For compatibility, Amazon Echo is compatible with Android and iOs, and can communicate the most with most smart home devices today.

The Best Smart Speaker Comparison

 Amazon EchoGoogle HomeApple HomePod
Multi-Room SupportYesYesYes
Voice ServiceAmazon AlexaGoogle AssitantApple Siri
Overall RatingAA-B

Despite Apple HomePod having one the best speakers in the market, the true winner for the best smart speaker is none other than the Amazon Echo. With one the lowest prices and development through the years, it'll take some more work by both the Google Home and Apple HomePod to overtake Amazon's Echo especially with its low-entry price points.

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