Governor’s Ball Cancelled Due To Severe Weather

In New York, the final evening of the Governors Ball came to an early close when festival grounds were evacuated due to severe weather threats. Festival organizers sent out an official evacuation notice shortly before headling sets from The Strokes and SZA.

The final decision to shut things downs came after periodic cancellations throughout the weekend due to the threat of rain. Earlier on Sunday, the festival was delayed due to forecasted storms. The lack of any actual rain left plenty of fans pretty upset.

“I’m annoyed because I spent money expecting to be here the whole day, seeing a bunch of people and now I’m only seeing one or two people,” 20-year-old attendee Alicia Litt told the New York Post. “I don’t think it was done right… at least give us half a refund something. It’s not fair especially since nothing happened… they told us last minute too. Most people were already on their way coming.”

The festival went on to tweet that they are working on refunds for Day 3 while acts that were canceled such as Charli XCX moved on to put on separate shows around the city to make up for the circumstances.

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