Greater Manchester Police issue warning for super-strength Tesla pills

Greater Manchester Police have issued a warning about ecstasy pills stamped with the Tesla logo.

Police seized the batch on Monday, finding there was up to 300mg of MDMA in each pill. The pills are marked by the car logo on the front and have a break line on the back.

Officers posted a photo of the mass of pills on Facebook and Twitter warning people that they need to be careful, especially with these strong pills “as some are placebos and people feel the need to take more and then get a dangerous dose.”

“No, these are not official Tesla merch,” the post noted.

The warning comes after it was reported earlier this month N-Ethylnorpenylone being sold as MDMA had caused at least 125 deaths in the last few years. Reportedly three-times stronger than MDMA, concerns about the N-Ethylnorpenylone pills were also focused around people overdosing after thinking they haven’t taken enough.

Fiona Measham, founder of drug safety organisation The Loop, said: “The real problem is that the effects are not that dissimilar at the start to what a user might expect from MDMA but it takes longer. What people might think is that they have a weak sample of MDMA so they take more and inadvertently re-dose or overdose.”

Read more about drug testing at The Loop.


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