GRiZ & Friends Curated an Inclusive Digital Community at Virtual Camp Kulabunga’s Winter Edition

Multifaceted producer and musician GRiZ constantly finds new ways to go beyond music to connect with his fans. In 2018, GRiZ and friends debuted an event like none other—Camp Kulabunga, where music is not the main focus. Camp Kulabunga was created with the intention of fostering wellness, self-empowerment, community and inclusion.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the retreat was completely reconfigured and transitioned to a virtual event for the first time in August 2020. Maintaining the core values and themes of the event—while unable to host in-person gatherings—was no easy feat. Despite the obstacles, the ambitious Kulabunga team remained persistent and successfully translated the interactive community to an online experience.

With restrictions still in place, GRiZ and friends decided to offer the first-ever winter edition of Camp Kulabunga, which took place on February 20th and 21st, 2021. 

Organizers curated a panel of workshop leaders and visionaries, who delivered content that aligned with the guiding principles of the event, all offered in a convenient online format. The weekend included thoughtful workshop sessions with bodywork master Michael McCarthy, mediation expert Samantha Mee, "spiritually sassy" guide and best-selling author Sah D'Simone, life coach Courtney Kamen, spiritual mindset mentor Tori Washington, and beloved creative captain GRiZ, among many others.

Over the course of the weekend, hundreds of strangers from around the world united for the event to unplug and tune into their true, authentic selves. Participants were invited to turn their homes into environments for creativity, reflection, and deep introspection. Topics such as "Gratitude is a Superpower," "Living Your Full Power," "The Power of Play," and "Purpose Meets Prosperity" were intended to inspire new thought patterns and perspectives.

Just before the event kicked off, GRiZ dropped a brand new track titled "Vibe Check," which perfectly set the tone for the weekend. If you have not heard it yet, click here



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