Group Of Festival Goers Busted Smuggling Drugs In Some… Creative Ways [Details]

Thirteen men and a woman have been hit with pretty serious fenses in connection with a major UK music festival , but there seems to be even more media attention on their smuggling methods than anything else…

The ring drug dealers attempted to sneak ecstasy, cocaine, and ketamine into Creamfields last year in various ways. Some stashed drugs in beer cans (nothing too weird), while others filled up Kinder eggs and condoms with drugs before putting them up into their unmentionables.

Recently, these individuals were sentenced to be jailed for more than 30 years combined. The young defendants, all teenagers into early 20s, appeared at Chester Crown Court on Thursday and Friday as their sentences were handed down.

Although they had no previous convictions, each are now serving prisons sentences between two and four years. Some were charged with intent to sell, while others only attempted to smuggle in the drugs for sharing amongst friends.

Thousands dollars worth drugs were taken from this ring sellers. More on their exact fenses and charges , if you want to know all the hairy details.


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