Guapdad 4000 Loses NBA Finals Bet To Drake, Dresses In Dinosaur Costume

Everyone who placed bets with Drake that the Toronto Raptors would lose the NBA Finals has to pay up, and rapper Guapdad 4000 had to do so in a major way. The Cali rapper dressed up in a dinosaur costume while holding a sign on the Bay Bridge that read, "Kawhi + Drake Beat the Bay." It's safe to say that drivers on the highway didn't appreciate it.

Drake shared a clip of Guap fulfilling his end of the bargain on Instagram. "I always respect a man that honors his bets," Drake wrote as the caption. "Thanks @guapdad4000 for this kind gesture and make sure to go check out his new video for Flossin cause it’s actually fire don’t judge him based off the fact that he’s in a Dino costume celebrating our win in his own city."

Guap shared the video on his own Instagram page with the caption, "IM A MAN OF MY WORD @champagnepapi." He added, "It’s still Dub Nation." He also shared a screenshot of the text message conversation he had with Drake when they were working out the details of the bet. Apparently, the original sign was supposed to read, "Canada beat us." Definitely not as interesting.

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