Guy Fieri Teases Flavourful Appearance On "Old Town Road" Remix

The mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri, hopes to bring his infectious gaiety to the next remix of the biggest song in the country right now, "Old Town Road." “Is it too late for a Flavor Town Road Remix @LilNasX?” Fieri tweeted alongside a photoshopped image of himself riding next to the two horses from the single's artwork.

Lil Nas X has responded to Fieri’s request by quote-tweeting the chef and writing “it’s never too late for u legend.” Whether the two are serious or not about collaborating remains to be seen. How could the famous restaurateur season the flavor of "Old Town Road?" Perhaps, we might be lucky enough to find out.

"Old Town Road" has sat comfortably atop the Billboard charts since April and is showing no signs of giving up its spot. So far, two remixes have been released, the first featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and the second featuring Diplo. As of now, a track with Fieri is not included in his upcoming project (last week, Lil Nas X shared the tracklist for his upcoming debut EP) but could it be a last minute addition? We will have to wait and see.

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