Halsey’s T-Shirt Sales Pulls In $100K For Abortion Clinics In Alabama

Halsey is using her fame for good since she's sold a number of t-shirts stamped with lyrics from her powerful "Nightmare" anthem, where all proceeds will go to clinics in Alabama. The money will aid the clinics in helping women who need abortions since the state has passed a bill to make the procedure illegal. 

The selling of t-shirts was in partnership with The Yellowhammer Fund and together they've raised $100,000. "Thanks to your ever-inspiring action, we have collectively raised $100,000 with the proceeds from this shirt, for The Yellowhammer Fund," she wrote on Instagram.  “ALL of it will help patients in Alabama seeking care in their local abortion clinics.”


The move comes just one week after Halsey teamed with ACLU in an effort to raise awareness that abortion is still legal despite the state. "Let's be clear: - abortion is a right - abortion is legal - abortion is YOUR decision," she wrote in the caption alongside an Instagram post. "Stand with me, the @aclu_nationwide, and the abortion providers fighting on the front lines. none of us can be silent. #stopthebans"   

"It's definitely an amazing opportunity to be a positive resource for my fans. And there are times when you take on a lot," Halsey told Billboard when detailing her role as a public figure.

Halsey's T-Shirt Sales Pulls In $100K For Abortion Clinics In Alabama
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"You know, someone is spilling their guts to you at a meet and greet and you're so happy you're there to listen to them but you're also feeling their sadness, your empathy takes over and you feel their sadness and pain so heavy on your heart, and you have to get on stage in 45 minutes and do your show. Most of the time those stories motivate you to continue to be a storyteller but sometimes if you're a little overly empathetic like I can be, it can be a lot."

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