Halsey’s "Unshaven" Rolling Stone Cover Defended By Demi Lovato

With the latest issue of Rolling Stone’s The Hot Issue,” Halsey graces the cover in a display of natural beauty, a beauty which fans have decided to slam. The singer bares unshaven armpits; stubble is the bar for backlash. “Thought you were a millionaire just buy some wax 🤢” one fan commented under Halsey's Instagram post of the cover. “WTF!!! No woman can pull this off. All that money and you cant afford a razor?” added another.

Not all reaction is negative. In fact, many fans made sure to share their support, including Demi Lovato. Lovato, who has a history of supporting body positivity, added in by writing “There so much yes about this picture idk where to start 🙌🏼.” Lovato was not the lone celebrity either. Maggie Rogers also appears below the picture with a comment reading “here for the armpit hair ⚡.”

The move is a clear hope to influence our societies perception of natural bodies. The effort is inspiring fans, one commenting, “if Halsey can have stubbly pits then so can I!!!” Halsey has been hinting at something for a while now so be on the lookout for new music from Halsey soon. For now, check out Rolling Stone for the full interview here 

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