Happy Father’s Day: Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, Drake & Others Showed Out In 2019

Today was Father's Day for those who've learned to look past the grief associated with these celebratory practices. As per usual, the heavy hitters in hip-hop got most if not all of the run-time. Cardi B published a photo of Offset preparing to fasten precious bb Kulture's into her car seat.


In one of the more touching social media moments of the day, a grievous Lauren London offered her dearly departed baby father all the prayers she could in a single breath. Countless other luminaries joined her in celebrating "Nipsey the Father" as bystanders, including you guessed it, The Game among others.

Plies' commentary on Father's Day stood out because of its peculiar phrasing, but also its contrarian message, and confusing nature. "Suck it, suck it" the Florida rapper lambasted in front a webcam. The video post boasted a hashtag reading "#HappyFathersDay" alongside a flurry of ROFL emojis. Thankfully, spazzy commenters like Plies were few and far between throughout this 2019 edition of the holiday.

Others like Will Smith simply joined the fray in a complementary effort, his Insta message comprised of that viral video where an astute father teaches his daughter how to box. There were even a good number of public figures who took it upon themselves to celebrate other people's fatherly situations.

Elliott Wilson re-posting a photo of Beanie Mack posted up with his sons, or Freddie Gibbs sharing the spotlight with his siblings, for a sentimental reflection on Mufasa: the man, the myth, the parental figure, and lifelong Chicago Cubs to top it all off - the latter a testament to his loyal character, come to think of it.

Khaled's tender repose with posterchild Ashad also made the rounds, and contrary to public opinion, he did his part in convincing me that self-adulation and the autobiographical functions of his social media feed, were not, in fact, one and the same for goodness sake.

It's hard to picture celebrity hip-hoppers letting down their guard to enjoy the company of their children or closest of kin - but in truth - you'd be cruel to think otherwise. Happy Father's Day to all it may concern! 

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