Hardwell releases first episode of short docuseries on Youtube

As Hardwell begins to take over the world once again, he has left fans wondering what the time before he returned to the stage looked like. Now it seems like we will have access to a behind-the-scenes look at Hardwell in this new era titled “Rebels Never Die,” as he just released his first episode of his docuseries on Youtube.

The first chapter is titled “Road to Ultra Miami 2022,” and depicts the entire day as the Dutch superstar returned to Miami for the first time in four years. The episode first begins with a television displaying some of Hardwell’s most memorable accomplishments throughout the years. It then flashes forward to the former #1 DJ in the world arriving on his plane Sunday to close out Ultra Music Festival 2022. The next minute shows Hardwell as he reconnects with friends and the city itself.

After that, Hardwell and his team begin to make their way to the festival. The next edit from the video was that of Hardwell taking the stage for a performance that will stand the test of time. For the next 15 seconds, we get to relive the absolute pandemonium that took place that night in Bayfront Park. As the video ends, Hardwell is shown walking off stage met by his team and friends. As they cheer for him, he makes his way through the crowd hugging as many people as possible. He even remarks, “I only played unreleased music and didn’t know what to expect,” with a massive smile on his face.

Watch Rebel Never Die: Chapter 1 – “Road to Ultra Miami 2022” below.

Image Credit: Hardwell/Press

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