Hazel-E Claims Beef With Yung Miami Is Squashed, Alleges JT’s Also Pregnant

Hazel-E found herself in a rift with City Girls over their song "Act Up" a few weeks ago. The Love & Hip Hop star accused the Miami duo of ripping off her song, "Actin' Up," among other things, which not only caught City Girls off guard but everyone else that paid attention to the feud. Needless to say, the terms "reach" and "clout chasing" were thrown around, especially since Hazel-E actually thought it was a good idea to release a "diss track." 

Southside and Yung Miami were evidently ready to square up with Hazel-E but she insisted that she would rather handle the beef with bars. She then compared their beef to Jay-Z and Nas which, you know, falls under the definition of a "reach." However, the real reason she didn't want to fight Yung Miami is that she's known about the pregnancy this entire time.

Hazel-E took to Twitter to essentially call off her beef with the City Girls with a long-ass iPhone note. "Rose [Burgundy] called from jail & told me Careesha was preggo by that hoe ass n***a [Southside] and that's why he was going dumb, protecting his," she wrote. She continued to say that she was going to put it in a "second diss track" (because the first wasn't embarrassing enough?) but decided against it. "I decided to keep that info to myself, as well as JT's pregnancy." It's unsure how she knows if JT's pregnant but take that last statement with a grain of salt.

"In the TMZ interview I coulda dropped it then and said she can't fight because she is preggo, I still said I wanted to keep it on wax. This new generation needs to put some respect on the OG's," she added.

She later sent her congratulations to Yung Miami on her pregnancy before admitting she's a fan of their song, "Throw Fits."

Peep her post below. 

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