Headhunterz Returns Fully To Hard Dance With The Release Of Massive New LP

Headhunterz is easily one the most prolific hard dance DJs all time. Still the artist took almost a 4 year break from the genre to explore new sounds, and found moderate success. He faced major push back from his dedicated fan base, but at the end the day, Headhunterz journey into new genres helped expand his sounds and production ability.

In the second half 2017 Headhunterz started to once again release hardstyle tracks, and immediately the critical response was massive. Now Headhunterz has released his first LP since his return to hard dance, and it 10 tracks downright euphoria. ‘The Return Headhunterz' is a statement album. One that has a message that is both loud and clear – Headhunterz is back and ready to once again revolutionize the hard dance genres. Check it out below.

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