Heems Of "Swet Shop Boys" & Das Racist Comes Out: "I’m Queer"

Last night, cult icon slash Queens rapper Heems took to Twitter to share his truth to his fans. Keeping it simple, Heems opts for brevity while delivering his message: "I'm queer." He proceeds to loosely quote Tyler, The Creator's lyric from "I Ain't Got Time," writing "Don’t act surprised i been kissing boys since," though the unfinished sentence initially leaves the timeline open to interpretation. Heems proceeds to reveal that he's "been queer," which means he's been keeping it low-key for a lengthy duration. It didn't take long for his loyal fanbase to praise him, sending love, support, and well-wishes in his direction. 

Keeping things brief, Heems explains that the revelation "changes nothing," a notion echoed by his fans across social media. We're happy to see Heems opening up, and we wish him all the best.

Hopefully, the rapper will hit the studio soon, as it's been a minute since his last Eat Pray Thug project. The rapper is also currently working alongside Riz Ahmed in the "Swet Shop Boys," so it stands to reason we'll be hearing from him in the near future. Are you checking for any new music from Heems? 

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