Henry Cavill Cryptically Responds To Superman News With Bizarre Instagram Video

It was reported on Wednesday that Henry Cavill would be exiting his role as Superman in the DC Universe. Cavill played the Kryptonian hero in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Justice League. He was not the most beloved Superman, and his motives to kill Zod in Man of Steel left many traditional fans of the hero in shock. Cavill progressed in his role and won over more fans after his turn in BvS, but Justice League once again placed the actor in the hot seat after a mustache scandal became an internet meme. 

Cavill took to Instagram after news was revealed that negotiations with DC and Warner Bros. fell apart. Allegedly, Cavill was speaking with the studio about a cameo in the upcoming Shazam film, but they could not find time to schedule the appearance due to his other obligations. This is the second time Cavill has put another franchise over Superman (keeping his mustache for Mission: Impossible - Fallout was the first time). The actor posted a cryptic video of himself wearing a "Krypton Lifting Team" shirt while raising and lowering an action figure of Superman. "Today was exciting#Superman," he wrote as the caption. What does it mean? Only Cavill knows. 

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