Here's Everything New At Apple: iPhone, Apple Watch, iOS And More

As we informed you earlier today, Apple's launch event was set to reveal a variety of new products and updates to Apple classics. We've rounded up a couple new releases for you to decide how or how not to spend your next pay-check:

iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr

Apples 3 new iPhones include a new and improved version of the iPhone X, a larger model of the phone with a 6.5 inch screen and a successor to the iPhone 8 named the iPhone Xr that promises to be a little easier on our finances. 

Apple Watch 4

The next installment in the Apple watch series will include a screen that is 30% larger, thinner housing, a redesigned interface and speaker that boasts a 50% louder sound projection. A new S4 chip promises to give the watch the same battery life but almost double the functioning speed. 


Apple announced that it is gearing up to release a revamped version of its desktop operating system named MacOs Mojave slated for release on September 24th. 


Apple's answer to Alexa is getting a couple touch-up with Apple announcing HomePod users should be able to set multiple timers, make and receive phone calls, search for songs by lyrics and get assistance in locating stole or lost phones by September 17th. 

iOS 12

The newest version of iOS will be available on existing iPhone and iPad devices on September 17th. The update is said to include a brand new digital wellness tool and users will notice improvements to reality platform ARKit. The updates allow users to play multiplayer AR games. 

Check out the rest of the releases here.

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