Here’s How Ultra, EDC and Other Music Festivals Impact Airbnb Prices

Many of us have experienced the immense frustration of attempting to book travel accommodations for a massive music festival. But how much extra are we spending in comparison to those who travel to the same destinations on any given day?

A new study from analyzed just how much extra we spend on Airbnb accommodations during music festivals. While the results may not be shocking, they're fairly eye-opening for those who haven't thought twice about how much profit there is to be had from an Airbnb booking during festival season.

This year's edition of Ultra Miami has caused a 19.1% surge, increasing the average Airbnb price from $456 to $543. However, Ultra surprisingly ranks 18th in a total overall increase in comparison to other major fests.

hardwell ultra

Hardwell performs at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

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Ultra Music Festival Miami 2017 main stage.

Here's How Ultra, EDC and Other Music Festivals Impact Airbnb Prices

Surprisingly, Ultra causes one of the lowest surges when compared to numerous top-tier festivals.

The legendary Glastonbury Festival takes the cake, jumping from an average of $217 to a whopping $697 and causing a staggering 221.6% increase in Airbnb prices. They're followed by EXIT Festival and Coachella, which cause 145.8% and 135.8% increases, respectively. The numbers drop dramatically as the list moves further down, with Eurovision Song Contest only seeing an 88.6% increase followed by Primavera Sound's 53.% clip.

Take a look at the full list below. Airbnb Festival Study

A new study explores the impact on Airbnb pricing when major music festivals, like Ultra and Glastonbury, come to town.

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