"Hip Hop Alphabet 2" Teaches Kids The ABCs With Rap Icons And Graffiti Art

The first edition of the Hip Hop Alphabet was so successful that Post Hill Press couldn't wait to get Hip Hop Alphabet 2 in the hand of kids everywhere. The children's book was co-created by author Howie Abrams and artist Kaves, and inside the duo uses graffiti art, as well as classic and contemporary icons, to educate children. The creators blend music and culture to meet kids where they are in order to teach them how to read.

Featured artist and hip-hop legend Ice-T was excited to hear he was included, sharing, “The importance of Rap in today’s culture still remains. Hip-Hop is a culture of its own, created in New York by kids using music, dance and art as a way to find self-importance in a ghetto environment. Although the masses have often tried to discredit rap, to do it well requires a vocabulary, knowledge and an understanding of poetry."

The rapper adds that artists penning their own rhymes is an art form that is becoming uncommon. "Also, most raps are handwritten by the artist; sadly, another soon to be lost skill. The alphabet is often the first thing you learn as a child. My daughter is three, and she’s been reciting the alphabet for at least a year, usually doing so using the same melody as ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ Rap and song are clearly both valuable tools for memorizing and learning. Enjoy Hip Hop Alphabet 2. I’m proud to be ‘I’ for Ice-T!”

A portion of the proceeds from Hip Hop Alphabet 2 book sales will be donated to the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music, an organization focused on ensuring arts programs are provided to all children.

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