Historic Victoria Baths Swimming Site to Be Transformed Into “Rave Complex”

Red Bull is transforming Manchester's historic Victoria Baths swimming complex into a rave complex for one night.

On February 26th, the Victoria Baths complex will undergo a full transition into a music venue, breathing new life into Manchester's storied nightlife culture. The lineup boasts a ton of talent local, such as Afrodeutsche and A Guy Called Gerald as well as Mr. Scruff, DJ Paulette, Luke Unabomber, and Annabel Fraser, among others.

The event is part of a new series called "Red Bull Unlocked" and it will feature eight different rooms, according to various sources.

victoria baths

Victoria Baths.

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Historic Victoria Baths Swimming Site to Be Transformed Into "Rave Complex"

Organized by Red Bull, the event will feature a lineup of local Manchester DJs.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the Victoria Baths complex previously hosted a rave back in 1988, when A Guy Called Gerald performed alongside a bevy of other DJs. With the renovation of the swimming complex as well as technological advancements, this party will certainly be a step up.

Those interested in attending the Victoria Baths rave can find tickets here. Check out the full lineup below via an announcement by Red Bull.

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