Husman Unleashes Speaker Shaking Big Room Trance Tune 'Arrival'

If earth shattering synths and big room energy is your thing, we got something amazing for you today. Up & Coming big room trance artist Husman has unleashed another ground shaking big room trance hit ‘Arrival', the 1st single f his upcoming album ‘Rise the Mad King'. With a sound that is tailor-made to absolutely rock this upcoming festival season, ‘Arrival' is a track that will be in many big room and trance sets over the next few months.

Husman's upcoming album ‘Rise the Mad King' will be a LOT more than just music, and we can't wait to see what he has in store. Check out ‘Arrival' above and check out his trailer for his upcoming album ‘Rise the Mad King' below!

“I’ve recently finished my first album, which will come out later this year. I’ve always wanted to create stories with my music and for this album, I’ve written a Sci-Fi story. All the music the album is specifically made for this story. The story will be told through visuals which will be shown in my upcoming live show and through 4 video chapters.” says Husman.

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