Hustler's Ambition: 10 Essential Podcasts For Maximizing The Grind

We're getting deep into September and for many of us, this means one thing: a return to the grind. As such, it is imperative for us to gather the discipline, commitment and focus to finish the year strong. Whether you're a student returning to school seeking that extra motivation, a self-made entrepreneur in need of a daily push, or even a dreamer looking to get your journey started—here is a list of Podcast crucial to anyone with ambition coursing through their veins. Check them out now, and get to work on becoming the greatest version of you. 


Get your daily source of inspiration with your hosts, high-performance business coaches Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne. The Empire Podcast delivers quality content with a honed focus on business, entrepreneurship and the art of making better life decisions. Every week, our hosts converse with successful business owners and entrepreneurs on creative and efficient ways to convert passions into thriving, long-lasting and profitable business empires.


No-nonsense speaker and entrepreneur Andy Frisella’s MFCEO (Mother Fuckin' Chief Executive Officer) podcast is the kick in the ass you need to get on your grind immediately. Frisella's no-bullshit delivery will provide the picker-upper you need to win big at business and life. As best described by Frisella: “the MFCEO Project is for anyone who is sick of the fluffy unicorns and rainbows style of talking about pursuing goals and profiting in business."

Topics include the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, embracing discomfort, the rewards of underlying discipline and long-term commitment. If you are looking for advice differing from the typical sugarcoated, self-help banter—this podcast is for you.


It is no surprise that The Tim Ferriss Show has held the number one spot on Apple Podcasts' business category, as well as being selected as one of the “Best of” Apple podcasts for three consecutive years. With a host like Tim Ferriss, a business advisor, best-selling author of the “4-hour work-week" and public speaker (also once crowned the “Oprah of Audio”), expect no shortage of valuable tips and tricks. Each episode aims to dive deep into the gems and major keys provided by some of the greats, including guests Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Vince Vaughn.


Level up in mind, body, and soul with the Spartan Up! podcast, led by Joe Desena, CEO of the innovative Spartan Race obstacle course. This podcast explores the idea of “traveling” the minds of successful authors, thinkers and business moguls to acquire answers dedicated to achieving our greatest potential. Each episode is categorized by specific mind-toughening segments including “Spartan mind” and “Spartan habits," to encourage optimal health - the Spartan way. 


The Impact Theory podcast follows host Tom Bilyeu's mission to reveal the secrets of success through exploring the minds of the world’s highest achievers. Once a successful business owner himself, Bilyeu sold his multimillion-dollar business Quest Nutrition—the second fastest growing company in North America ($57,000% growth within 3 years)—to begin a for-profit media company aimed at positively influencing the world.

The million-followers-deep Impact Theory finds Bilyeu interviewing a multitude of well-established and often famous guests; not only do his guests share their secrets to success, they also discuss the grueling journeys, all while offering an individualistic perspective on the definition of success.


Many of us are familiar with the voice of Eric Thomas, a passionate speaker with a knack for keeping it real. You might have even heard one of his infamous speeches, “How Bad Do You Want It” from which the inspiring motto “when you want to be successful, as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” emerged to flood social media as Instagram captions or #MotivationalMonday tweets.

Despite being an active and successful speaker, Thomas still has time to drop some gems for us on his podcast, The Secret to Success. Not only will you find all the tools to discover your true purpose in a professional sense, but you'll also get a few good laughs from listening to Eric Thomas and friends’ hilarious commentary on their daily lives as it relates to the grind.


Insight from business strategist and life coach Tony Robbins is essential when it comes to getting your act all the way together. He is a best-selling author of the critically acclaimed self-help book “Awaken The Giant Within,” philanthropist, founder of multiple companies racking up $6 billion dollar revenue annually and more. Basically, Tony Robbins is definitely someone you should listen to while on your grind. Make sure to tune into the Tony Robbins Podcast for essential advice to 360 your life for the better. Diverse topics are covered within including tips on business and entrepreneurship, achieving optimal all-around health and becoming the best version of yourself.


Retired Navy SEAL, author and ultimate bad-ass Jocko Willink hosts the weekly podcast The Jocko Podcast alongside Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and connoisseur, Echo Charles. Relying on concepts of leadership, discipline and endurance, this podcast is yet another to offer no-bullshit delivery on the tools required for success.

Listen as Willink reflects on his experience as a Silver and Bronze Star Navy SEAL in the Iraq War and the powerful lessons learned herein. Jocko’s insight is raw, real and offers a unique perspective on how to achieve lifelong success.


Oprah’s presence in the podcasting world is well established with SuperSoul Conversations, an insightful podcast involving numerous guests discussing life, philosophy, and spirituality. Every week, we get to learn about an array of fields from the very people who have mastered them. Hear life lessons and potent truths from special guests like Jay Z, Shaq, Lenny Kravitz and more. What better way to learn about dominating a craft than to hear from the greatest to ever do it?


Former professional Arena League football player, NCAA record-holder, New York Times Bestselling author and successful entrepreneur, Lewis Howess, brings his wealth of knowledge to The School of Greatness podcast. With notable guests such as Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, and other game changers, this well-rounded podcast provides gem-filled interviews on achieving our very best in health, relationships, and business. Topics include managing anxiety, self-love, mastering one’s health, surviving through hardships and much more.

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