Ibiza and UK welcome the return of History of House art exhibition

After its successful run across London, Newcastle and Ibiza in 2019, the History of House art exhibition is set to return to the UK and Ibiza this November.

Compiled by artist Davey Brown, the exhibition features portraits of house music heavyweights such as Carl CoxFrankie Knuckles and Pete Tong. The artwork is accompanied by poems and stories, also written by Brown. The exhibition aims to capture the rich history of house music including the beginnings of the scenes in the UK and Ibiza, iconic music venues and the legendary DJs at the center of it all. Being a long-time fan of house music himself, Brown has been able to accurately portray the history of house music through his work – this adds a rather personal and relatable element to the unique gallery experience.

In its beginning in 2019, the House of History suddenly grew to become much more than just an art gallery, welcoming DJs to perform such as DJ Alfredo and Glen Horsborough of Defected Croatia. The exhibition was gladly received amongst the public and revealed itself as an event to watch heading into 2020.

Almost thirty dates across the UK and Ibiza were postponed in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic, however the exhibition is anticipated to reach new heights this year. Whilst no dates are yet to be confirmed, the recent success of Newcastle’s viewing will see the History of House grace many major cities across the UK including Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. It will also return to Ibiza’s famous Café Mambo, while there are also plans for the exhibition to venture into the United States and Cyprus in the middle-east.

More information on the House of History art exhibition, its future dates and Davey Brown can be found on his website.


Image Credit: Davey Brown (via daveybrownart.com)

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