Ice Cube Calls "Bullshit" On Dak Prescott's "Sunken Place" Status

Dak Prescott is getting a bad rap for his stance concerning the NFL and the national anthem. While maybe players on other teams prefer to kneel in protest of police brutality, Prescott and his teammates form a united front in their choice to stand.

Since then, a mural of Dak Prescott was erected, depicting the football player in the "sunken place" from Get Out. Ice cube was asked what he thought of the crying face in relation to Prescott and the anthem controversy. The rapper was slightly dismissive of the subject when he answered, "Yeh, it's bullshit"

Ice was urged to expand on the matter and give a message to Dak Prescott and whoever else might be involved. His N.W.A mode came out in his response: "Do what you want to do, man. F*ck everybody."

The national anthem protests have been making waves in the media since Colin Kaepernick initiated the movement. Even Randy Moss took a stand against police brutality in his own way during his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last Saturday. His fashion statement demonstrated how people can send messages off the football as well. Hopefully, Dak takes the cue to reform his image for the naysayers. Or, "F*ck everybody" is also an option.

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