Ice-T Names His Wildest Touring Story & Compares Clapbacks To Battle Rapping

Law & Order: SVU fans have been watching Ice-T portray Detective Fin Tutuola for so long that many either have forgotten or don't even know that he was once one of the most prolific gangster rappers in the game. The 61-year-old entertainer can still rock the stage with a performance of "Colors" any day, but he recently told the New York Post that he's enjoying fatherhood over his hip hop career. 

For fans who aren't familiar with the Ice-T as an artist, they'll get a new taste of his rap skills on his track "Feds in My Rearview," a song reportedly included on "The Foundation" compilation with Kool Keith, Tash, and Smoothe Da Hustla. "Well, Ice-T has to be Ice-T," he said. "Fin on ‘Law & Order’ has to be Fin. That’s a character I play. I can play a cop, but I can’t rap from a cop’s perspective. I can, however, rap from the criminal’s perspective."

Speaking of some less than legal activities, the rapper also shared his craziest moment on tour. "The wildest was when I knocked a dude out onstage in Kansas City, Mo. N.W.A. was on the sideline and I was headlining," he said. "I used to have this intro where I would get ready to do '6 In The Mornin.' So every time I would pause for the next line some dude in the front row would yell, 'I want to f * ck that b *tch on the album!' He was talking about my girlfriend at the time, Darlene (who appeared on the cover of Ice-T’s classic 1988 album Power). So I told him to come up on the stage. The second he hit the stage I just knocked this motherf*c ker out. People thought it was staged [laughs]."

Ice-T Names His Wildest Touring Story & Compares Clapbacks To Battle Rapping
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

He may not be knocking random fans out during his live performances anymore, but the rapper's social media clapback claws are finely sharpened. "[Laughs] One dude said to me, 'You ain’t going to pull up on nobody.' And I said, 'Why pull up when I can have you brought to me in a trunk.' People don’t know that I’m seasoned with this because clap-backing is like battle rapping."

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