IDK Takes To Blueface’s "Thotiana" With A Vengeance

Unsung lyricist IDK recently took a moment to set fire to the Power 106 studios, chopping it up with the LA Leakers. While his fanbase is well aware of his lyrical prowess, IDK made sure to seize the opportunity of widespread radio exposure, taking to a Blueface instrumental with bars on the mind. "Take pride in the bars when you come on the LA Leakers show," warns Justin Credible, as the now-familiar piano line creeps in. Beginning with an unintentional homage to Blueface (a sincere combination of "yeah" and "alright") IDK lets fly nearly three minutes straight of heat.

Off the bat, IDK establishes a steady flow in the opening moments, before switching it up with a dexterous and syllable-loaded delivery. "Room full of pawns I'm the king so they envy," he spits. "It don't even matter cause you still couldn't check me." He proceeds to rattle off an amusingly lewd Pac-Man/fat friend rhyme-scheme. By the end of his verse, he's in the midst of spazzing, so much so that you can see the physical strain upon his face.

While many have delivered big on the LA Leakers show, how do you feel like IDK stacked up?  

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