Iggy Azalea Admits She Self-Sabotages Due To Past Bullying

Iggy Azalea is suiting up for her big comeback as she's readying her forthcoming album In My Defense. The Australian rapper has released two singles in the past few months, "Sallie Walker" and "Started," however, she was hit was a curveball after her topless photos leaked online. The 29-year-old artist took a break from social media and has learned not to let a deterrent stop her shine, but to get to the place where she isn't off-put by challenges is a journey she's still traveling.

In a recent The RuPaul Show interview, Iggy admitted that she's taken some time for self-reflection at a wellness retreat. Think of it as Iyanla fixing your life, just without Iylana. And in the desert. "I did, I don't know what you would call it," Iggy said. "An intense workshop yourself? In Arizona. I went away and just one-on-one talked to people...there were people around me who I worked with that were like, 'We love you but we think that you self-sabotage yourself.'"

"And I was kinda pissed about it, even though I knew it was true," she continued. "I knew that it was true but I think a lot of it was because I was bullied a lot in high school. I got made fun of because I always was very ridiculous and over the top, and so it was hard for me in my adult life to kind of be able to tell the difference between somebody being critical and constructive and somebody bullying. I couldn't really...I had the same response to both those things." She also said that she's embraced muting and blocking people who come at her with negative comments, but she's learning how to accept and apply healthy criticisms.

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