Illenium x Kill The Noise – Don't Give Up On Me (feat. Mako)

Well folks, the day has finally arrived. Illenium and Kill The Noise have dropped their long awaited collaboration “Don’t Give Up On Me” featuring Mako. This track has been on our radar ever since both Kill the Noise and Illenium premiered it at Lost Lands back in September. Within the first couple seconds, you can already feel how ridiculous this track is going to be. 

The beginning is ominous, building up through the first verse before Kill The Noise steps in with a healthy dose dubstep about a minute in. As we go deeper into the track, you can hear the undertones Illenium’s melodic beats begin to join the mix; st, beautiful, and peaceful. Illenium takes control the breakdown between drops, flawlessly incorporating a euphoric and calming energy into the track. The second verse kicks in with a similar buildup to the first, this time welcoming a fusion both Illenium’s euphoric production coupled with another round Kill The Noise nastiness. 

We honestly get so lost listening to this track. The fusion contrasting production styles works so well in this song, not to mention how long we’ve been waiting to hear the full version. This song will definitely be on repeat for the rest the day, and we hope you enjoy this new track as much as we do!

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