ILoveMakonnen Denounces Gucci Mane: "He Didn’t Support The Record We Put Out"

Since debuting his new EP, ILoveMakonnen has let the greater hip-hop community know that he feels unsupported, despite being paid lip service by a good number of characters. The 30-year old rapper singled out Gucci Mane for not giving their recent (January 2019) collaboration "Spendin" the kind of promotion he would someone else (in the industry). ILoveMakonnen made his comments during a Beats 1 podcast hosted by Hattie Collins.

“No disrespect to Gucci Mane but he didn't support the record that we just put out together and I never got to meet him in person as well,” Makonnen said on Beats 1 Radio. "It was just a business dealing. And it's the music industry, and people deal how they deal in their business. But I haven't had any vocal support from any of them."

 ILoveMakonnen didn't stop there. Right thereafter, he addressed the double standard he's come in contact with thus far. It's apparent he feels he's been snubbed since outing himself as an openly queer rapper. "To say 'we accept you and we fuck with you.' None of them have said that to me. It is what it is," he lamented to his host Collins. His new EP M3 debuted this past week and can be streamed right here. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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