INF1N1TE – In My Head [Free Download]

INF1N1TE – In My Head

Canadian native producer INF1N1TE has released ‘In My Head’ as a free download. The track is nothing short a bass filled gem. This track revolves around two heavy and diverse bass filled drops with a sweet melodic breakdown.

This track will get in your head indeed with the heavy drops. INF1N1TE made this track even more interesting by adding a hint drum and bass on to the second drop. The short but sweet vocal in the breakdowns add flavor to the track and makes it even more diverse.

The producer from Calgary, Alberta is an up and coming producer to keep eyes on. With just some tracks under his belt he has managed to get releases on Play Me Records, Ultragore Recordings, and Sumerian Records. His headbanger tracks will overtake festivals in the near future. 

INF1N1TE – In My Head |

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