Instagram Gallery: Tiffany Haddish's Most Hilarious Posts

Long before she made headlines claiming that she knew who bit Beyonce at an exclusive Hollywood party, Tiffany Haddish has been lighting up the Los Angeles stand-up comedy circuit with her bawdy, on-the-nose material and perfectly-timed delivery. Following her hardscrabble upbringing that included caring for her ill mother and a stint in foster care, Haddish remarkably turned her childhood trauma into inspiration for her now-booming career. "If I could make her laugh then I probably won't get hit," said Haddish, remarking on her comedy skills taking root as a survival mechanism. "But I'm grateful for the experience though. You know like, I've built a whole career f being funny, trying to, you know, keep from getting punched."

As the breakout star 2017's Girls Trip alongside Hollywood veterans Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, Haddish has now cemented her status as a formidable force hilarity within the industry. With genuine delivery and an earnestness that makes the 38-year-old comedian instantly likeable, it's clear that from Super Bowl spots to Showtime specials, Haddish will stay winning. 

"The state California paid so much money to make sure I don’t die ‘cause they knew I was gonna be special," Haddish told her audience during her She Ready!: From the Hood to Hollywood standup special. “They knew it. They was like, ‘This one right here, she gonna be a unicorn.’ And they was right. I’m the last black unicorn, bitch!” 

Peep Haddish's most hilarious Instagram posts to see how comedy's hottest star keeps it real just as she did before securing her A-list bag. From homeless to securing a coveted spot in the Time 100 List, it's clear that Haddish has the genuine talent to back the ascent her rising star. 

Off The Dome 

Showing f her improv skills with a clip from her set at a Hollywood comedy club, Haddish delivered an f-the-dome rap about "passing for white" to make her life easier. "Guess what bitch, when you look at me/you think you seein' brown but look at my teeth/I'm a white bitch," rapped the comedy star. 

Hold Me

Always down to dish on her perpetually-single status, Haddish sent out an Instagram plea for applicants willing to be "the big spoon to her little spoon." Not a bad deal, as the gig allegedly pays one dollar per minute. 

How To Catch A Ratchet

According to Haddish in this Insta sketch, a surefire way to "catch a ratchet" is to dangle a bottle plain Ciroc "Blue" vodka.


 In this clip, Haddish debuts her best impression a WASP "living their life like it's golden" while admiring an absolutely bangin' Fourth July. spread. 

 Gotta Catch 'Em All

As a self-proclaimed fan Pokemon Go, Haddish wasn't about to let Pikachu run f without a fight. 

Man Thots

According to Haddish, hitting up body building competitions is the way to go when you're looking for some man thots. "Men flexin' for me...they don't even know they flexin' for me, and I don't gotta tip em' or nothin! It's great," said Haddish while checking out the contestants. 

I Wake Up Like This

Even though Haddish is now a big-name star, she still isn't on the level waking up flawless like Beyonce. Drool and all, the comedian took to Instagram to let her fans know how she REALLY greets the day. 


Say what you will about Tiffany Haddish, but never claim that the 38-year-old doesn't know how to throw back a drink and party. With droopy eyes and awkward hand-to-face dancing, it's obvious that Haddish knows how to turn up-- even in the backseat. 

Baby Momma

Showing f her meme skills, Haddish took to Instagram to poke fun at the prospect planting drugs on her man's baby momma so he could secure custody his children. 

Baby Got Back

According to Haddish, her booty is WAY too big for white people to get behind. "So, I jut found out that a size 8 and up is plus-sized in the model world. WHAT THE FUCK?! When did I become plus-sized? We some big bitches," said Haddish, laughing f the classification. 

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