Is Young Thug's "Slime Language" Dropping This Week?"

We know Young Thug's Slime Language album is coming soon, but just how soon is unclear. The rapper teased his upcoming project with a list of features along with live snakes sent out to a number of publications, though he did not set a proper release date. Now, Thug fans have pointed out that during an Instagram live stream on Thug's account last night, an unknown voice says, "Slime Language this motherfuckin' week."

While this is far from confirmation, it's enough for Thug fans to prepare for a possible August 10th release for the project, as Fridays begin the Billboard cycle, making them the typical album release day. Since Thug doesn't always play by the rules, the album could realistically come at any time.

The list of features announced last week, which may or may not double as the tracklist, much like the name-based titled on JEFFERY, can be found below. Thug has since announced that Lil Baby will also be added to the list.

1. "Gunna"
2. "Lil Duke"
3. "Hidoraah"
4. "Dolly"
5. "Lil Keed"
6. "Lil Uzi Vert"
7. "Tracy T"
8. "Jacquees"
9. "Strick"
10. "Nechie"

Thug's last full-length album Beautiful Thugger Girls was released in June 2017, making his gap in releases uncharacteristically long. In the interim, Thug released the 3-track Hear No Evil EP in April, featureing Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, and Lil Uzi Vert.

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