Isaiah Rashad Shares Another Snippet From His Upcoming Album

TDE's Isaiah Rashad has managed to solidify himself as a front runner in the minds of loyal fans, all while making moves on his own terms, distinguishing himself as a unique figure in the industry. Selective in his releases, Rashad's last project arrived in 2016 with The Sun's Tirade, and since then, fans have been particularly thirsty for more music from the artist. After all, applying patience is a strange concept to many modern-day hip-hop heads. Still, art cannot be rushed, and good things do come to those who wait (or so they say), and Rashad certainly hasn't been frugal when it comes to sharing snippets of the anticipated album.

He took to Instagram live twice previously to share teasers with eager fans, first with a track that he said would possibly feature the late XXXTentacion's ad lib, and the second, a slightly more somber and stripped back melody. Now, the "4r Da Squaw" artist has returned to Instagram live once again, this time with a full posse, to share yet another taste of his upcoming project, "The House Is Burning."

"I gotta take the hat off, I don't look right with the hat," starts Rashad, as he readies himself to drop some fire on us. As a friend of his asks him if he's ready he replies with, "I'm always ready," before proceeding to start the music. The track itself sounds like it's going to be some straight fire, possibly under the title "Stockholm," staying true to Rashad's signature chill-trap vibe. I'm sure all your heads will be bopping along to the snippet just as Rashad and his friends were.

Isaiah Rashad ‘The House is Burning’ snippet from u/Votesque

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