Issae Rae Offers "Indie" Artists Chance To Feature On "Insecure" Soundtrack

Issa Rae is crafty and she knows it. Her latest creative endeavor sees her opening a submission form for "independent artists." The contest aptly titled #InsecureMusicContest is a partnership with Afropunk fering smaller artist the opportunity to get their music featured on the soundtrack and the episodic run HBO's Insecure. "Are you a new artist?" asks Rae in the promotional video linked to her contest, "Do you have jams? Do you have hits? Do you have bops?" If in fact, that speaks to you, you should too, enter for a chance to amass great exposure. It wouldn't be the first occasion a song or artist caught wind on cable television.

The first two seasons Insecure created a diverse playing field for musical selection. Everything from trap, R&B, soul music, etc. has been chosen to help dictate the pace the show, from a perspective two women withstanding the pressure their formal education, post-graduation. Up to this point, the musical curation has been managed by Solange Knowles, and for all we know, she may be counted to help with selections when ballots close. According to information made available to Billboard, applicants will be "encouraged to upload music that shows their own distinct style" without referencing the show or characters in lyrical form.

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