J. Cole & Lil Pump Full Interview With Each Other Has Arrived

J. Cole and Lil Pump have an interesting history with each other. Pump's been known for his "Fuck J. Cole" running joke which was ultimately responded by J. Cole on his K.O.D outro, "1985." They had a bit a back and forth since then including Pump and Smokepurpp encouraging "Fuck J. Cole" chants at their shows. However, during Rolling Loud, J. Cole shut down a "Fuck Lil Pump" chant and has since praised some the younger artists that have emerged. Little did we know, the two them also had a face to face conversation on camera which Akademiks shared a preview earlier this week. Now, their full interview has arrived.

J. Cole and Lil Pump may have had some tension but their feud has ultimately come to an end since the two them sat down for a full conversation after Rolling Loud. The interview, which stretches for nearly an hour long, finds the two rappers speaking on their beginnings rap and overall, learning where each other come from. After Pump reveals he only started rapping in 2016, J. Cole's jaw dropped. It's an interesting interview with two rappers from totally different worlds and generations. 

Prior to the snippet their interview dropping, Lil Pump did confirm that the two them were on good terms and this interview further proves it.

Peep the full interview below. 

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