J Hus has launched a new clothing line

Former Mixmag cover star J Hus launched his new clothing line The Ugliest this week.

The debut collection is called Gorilla Warfare. The brand’s mission statement takes pride in individuality and going against the grain, stating: ‘they tried and try to force their insecurities onto me. Told me I was UGLY, so I took ugly and turned it in gold.’

The collection is made up of four capsule collections: Jamba Boyz is made up of simple graphic t-shirts; Heavy Duty offers two pyjama sets costing £300 each; Don’t Hide The Beauty focuses on accessories like scarves and socks; and The Militériens offers puffer jackets costing up to £850.

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On the site, The Ugliest promises ‘to provide you luxurious pieces to ensure you never hide your beauty, through your journey of manifestation and onwards.’

J Hus recently had to release his album ‘Big Conspiracy’ earlier than planned due to it being leaked online.

Watch the short fashion film that J Hus has released alongside the collection below.

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