J Lo Styles On Em’ In New Claim To "Baddest In The Game"

Jennifer Lopez has won over the hearts of many, throughout her tenure years. From those young boys who pledged their undying loyalty to her upon seeing her at the 2000 Grammy Awards, to the young girls who admired her bold and confident poise, J-Lo brings something to the table for everyone. Now, looking back on an extensive music career, which found her admirably wading hip-hop adjacent waters alongside the LOX, Nas, Ja Rule and more, Jennifer Lopez has continued to win hearts through, if I may be so bold, her ageless beauty.

J Lo Styles On Em' In New Claim To "Baddest In The Game"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Today, the 49-year-old Lopez took to Instagram to share a new picture, which blends the wholesome cause of environmental activism with the base pleasures of a thirst-trap, a combination that likely checks all her demographical boxes. Especially when you consider the fashion advice she doles out in the caption, providing ways in which one can simultaneously save the ocean and wear sleek leggings. 

Check out the picture below, and let it be known - does Jennifer Lopez hold the title of "baddest in the game?" Throw in a noble cause, and you've got a real keeper. Save those whales, dammit!

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