Ja Rule Attempts To Distance Himself From Ongoing Fyre Festival Lawsuit

Ja Rule once sat at the height of the hip-hop hierarchy, with countless chart hits, his own record label, and respect from rappers like DMX and Jay-Z. Sadly, his reign came to a premature end amidst cataclysmic tilts with the Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit roster. Sadly, many young fans remember Ja as a cautionary tale, with his early millennium run closer to urban myth than reality. And while that's bad enough, some have come to associate Ja with the Fyre Festival, a doomed endeavor that he helped galvanize into existence. 

As we know, the Fyre Festival ultimately went left in all possible ways, including the sandwiches last seen in Oliver Twist. Given the dubious circumstances, Ja is looking to distance himself from his once lofty ambition, according to recent court documents obtained by The Blast. Apparently, Ja is claiming that Fyre Festival attendees have no legal grounds to actually sue him, given that the contracts were signed with Fyre as a company, and not him personally. 

Apparently, Ja's legal team is really making use of technicalities, citing the fact that there was indeed shelter provided, though far from the luxurious villas originally promised. As for the aforementioned sandwiches, Ja is pleading the fifth, as it were. "Food provided may not have been the gourmet food that Plaintiffs were expecting, but that complaint should be addressed through a breach of contract claim against the parties to the contract,” reveals the documents. 

In other words, Murda Inc does not do catering, nor will they ever. 

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