JACKNIFE Proves We Needed Yet Another Stranger Things Remix

The Stranger Things theme song has worked its way into the electronic music realm over the past year and a half, and yet the remixes never seem to get old. So, another one can’t hurt, right?

Here to prove we needed a G-Housey version the Stranger Things is JACKNIFE. This guy has been building a name for himself with bass heavy attack house. And yes, we just made up that genre to describe the sick nature  JACKNIFE’s productions.

The familiarity the Stranger Things theme comes into play as this remix first rocks a mid tempo/electro vibe. Soon though, it falls victim to JACKNIFE’s sound, distinctly heard with all his originals and remixes. DJ friends are going to love this one, because there’s a 110 – 125 bpm switch just in time for the second drop.

Check out JACKNIFE’s take on “Stranger Things” and link up with him on socials below!

JACKNIFE – Stranger Things


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