Jacquees Gets All His Charges Dropped In Miami Arrest: Report

Jacquees has dealt with a few run ins with the law over the past few months. Back in March, the Cash Money singer was pulled over after he was allegedly not wearing a seat belt and got into a bit of a confrontation. He was later arrested and charged with failure to obey a lawful command and a seat belt infraction. However, things are looking pretty good for him right now since both charges were dropped earlier today.

According to TMZ, Jacquees charges from his Miami arrest in March have been officially dropped. The footage from his arrest in March showed the singer getting manhandled by several police officers. Fortunately for him, the prosecutors dropped the charges in the case because only one out of the seven police officers involved in Jacquees' arrest actually showed up to court on Tuesday.

Jacquees' lawyers, Nina Tarafa and Ricardo Corona from the Corona Law Firm, said that they're happy that justice was served in this case despite the fact that whole arrest itself was unfortunate. 

TMZ has also shared body cam footage of the aftermath of the arrest. If you remember, the police officers who arrested Jacquees were unnecessarily aggressive towards him but the body cam shows that everything was good afterwards.

You could peep the footage below and keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Jacquees. 

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