Jaden Smith Performs Unreleased Track At Rolling Loud

Jaden Smith performed an upcoming track during his performance at Rolling Loud Saturday. "This song is unreleased," he said before launching into the bass-heavy track. It features lyrics like, "Just met Elon last week, told him I live too fast / 120 on the dash, I hope that I never crash." It makes you wonder whether Jaden is referring to the recent Met Gala, where both he and Elon Musk were in attendance.

At another point during the set, he showed love to the crowd. "Rolling Loud is tight as fuck," he said. "I see y'all... Here's the thing about being on stage, I can see everyone!" He went on to perform tracks like "Batman," "Watch Me," and "Icon."

Jaden shared a photo from the performance with the caption "Just Let Them Hate, Keep Doing You" on Twitter.

Smith has announced that his next studio album will be titled ERYS, which flips the title his 2017 album SYRE. In another tweet, he seemed to hint at new music, writing, "I'm Back....... Greatness Is On The Way." He also suggested that he needs "More Beats."

ERYS is currently without a release date. It's expected to be released later this year.

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