Jai Wolf soundtracks a perfect day at Mamby on the Beach in Chicago

Bangladesh born and New York City-raised talent Jai Wolf is a melting pot, not only cultures, but also musical influences. Raised on everything from hip-hop to classic rock, Jai Wolf's personal take on emotive, melodic electronic music was something that came to him as a culmination all those musical exposures.

Appropriately, ahead his upcoming performance under at in Chicago, Jai Wolf has returned to his indie roots for a playlist perfect for a sunny, beachside weekend. "Even though I come from the EDM world, I'm a sucker for indie rock music," he explains. "Since Mamby on the Beach is on a beach, I decided to compile some my favorite indie songs for a chill day at the beach. This playlist is perfect for the road trip to the beach or when you're settled on the sand and you're looking for some tunes to relax to."

Find more info on Mamby on the Beach and check out their 'More Than Music' additions .

Listen to Jai Wolf's Mamby on the Beach playlist below and follow Mixmag on Spotify for more.

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