James Shaw Jr. Is Surprised By His Favorite Basketball Player, Dwyane Wade, On Ellen

James Shaw Jr. saved lives when he disarmed the deranged Waffle House shooter last month. His actions were heroic, and even more brave since he was unarmed when he decided to make a move. He has become a national icon since then, and Shaw Jr. sat down with Ellen this week as her guest honor. 

While on the show, Shaw Jr. stated that he has two things that are his "favorite things in the world." The first is his daughter Brooklyn, and the second is basketball. Ellen continued on to ask Shaw Jr. who his favorite player is. "Dwyane Wade," he admits before Ellen did what she does best, and surprised Shaw Jr. by bringing out the Miami Heat legend. The two hug as Shaw Jr. is completely in shock. "We told him that you loved him and he was your favorite so he just flew out for you," revealed Ellen. 

"I'm glad I could be here," Wade stated. "I look at you, I know you don't want to be called a hero, but I look at you as an American hero. ... I would say obviously how brave you are, but for me, when I sit down with my kids and I sit down with them and talk about role models and who I want them to look up to, I tell them to look up to you."

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