Jameston Thieves – Hagakure (ft. Abrax Phaeton)

It’s ten that artists tout the fact that they break barriers with their music and cross genres. Most the time that claim remains to be a stretch, but with Jameston Thieves it’s a fact. The new track from the young producer “Hagakure” is pro as it combines excellent vocals with heavy hitting bass, dancing melodies, and hip-hop vibes.

Abrax Phaeton comes in with an impressive flow while a laid back hip-hop beat plays beneath him. The energy picks up as the drums tighten up and the melody is introduced. As the track builds, it’s hard to say what will come next. At first listen, the listener might think that it’s simply another dubstep track, but you will be sadly mistaken for clicking pause at that point. Jameston quickly bends and swerves his synths to create a haunting melody in the drop.

Check out the track below:

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